2025 dates to be announced soon
2025 dates to be announced soon

Ellen Kelly

Co founder – SAVVY

Ellen Kelly is an Irish entrepreneur based in Paris where she is the Co-Founder of Savvy, a sustainable investment platform. From Dublin originally, Ellen spent part of her school years in France. She studied International Commerce in UCD before working at Goodbody Stockbroker as a graduate and then AIB as a Trainee Treasury Dealer and Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. She also has a certificate in ESG Investing from the CFA. Pursuing a passion for sustainability and the role of business in the transition, Ellen moved to Paris in 2021 to study a Masters in Sustainability and Social Innovation at HEC Paris.

Ellen has a strong focus on increasing participation among women in both entrepreneurship and investing. While at HEC Paris, she wrote her thesis on the success factors of women founders’ access to venture capital funding in Ireland and France.

While at HEC Ellen met her Co-Founder Jérémie Layani and they started Savvy. Savvy is a sustainable investing platform allowing anyone to invest in funds aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. The platform has a focus on keeping things simple and transparent, with education modules accompanying users along the way. Savvy is based in Paris, selling to French and international companies. Savvy partners with businesses seeking to create financial empowerment among their employees and a focus on sustainability across all aspects of our life. Companies will be able to see the collective sustainability contribution of participating employees across metrics such as CO2 emissions avoided, energy efficiency and gender equality among others. Individual users can track the sustainability performance of their investment portfolio and have full transparency over where their money is invested.

Savvy is focused on expanding across Europe in the near term and has global ambitions.

As someone advocating for the younger generation, Ellen is committed to pushing leaders to take action for a sustainable future.