2025 dates to be announced soon
2025 dates to be announced soon

Bill Liao

Quantum Software Investor, SOSV

Bill Liao is a Chinese-Australian-Irish entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who has left an indelible mark on the business and social sectors.

With a diverse career spanning decades, Bill has consistently demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills and forward-thinking mindset.

Co-founder of the CoderDojo movement and of Weforest, his career in tech and business encompasses two unicorn companies and launching the world’s first bio-tech accelerator. He is a general partner of SOSV, a venture capital fund of over $1B, and founder of the SOSV Momentum Pre-accelerator program. Bill’s current focus is Health & Longevity as Chair of the SENS board and Chair to the Te Tiroroa Fund.

Beyond his ventures in the business world, Bill is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. As a co-founder of WeForest, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation efforts and has planted a hundred million trees globally. He has made significant contributions to combating climate change and promoting ecological balance.

His passion for environmental conservation has earned him recognition as a champion for a greener future.

A co-founder of CoderDojo, a free global network formed to assist young people with learning computer programming, Bill also co-founded XING, a pioneering enterprise social networking platform. Prior to these endeavors, Bill served as COO of Davnet, a telecommunications carrier.

The author of three books, Bill has been a speaker at global events such as The World Economic Forum, The Globe Forum in Sweden, TED, and TEDx, and at institutions such as The London School of Economics and The House of Commons.

With his captivating storytelling and thought-provoking presentations, he has inspired countless individuals to embrace innovation, resilience, and social responsibility. His ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and enthusiasm leaves audiences empowered and motivated.