Father Paolo Benanti

AI Advisor to Pope Francis

Paolo Benanti, born in Rome (Italy), on 20 July 1973, has been a Franciscan of the Third Order Regular since 1999. His studies have included engineering (La Sapienza), as well as philosophy and theology (Lateran, Gregorian), with special interest in ethics and moral theology; his doctorate was in the area of bioethics. Professor of Moral Theology, Bioethics and Neuroethics at the Gregorian. He is a member of the Task Force on Artificial Intelligence of the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale and the Prime Minister’s Office. The author of many academic and more popular articles, he has recently published the books Postumano, troppo postumano. Neurotecnologie e human enhancement, Castelvecchi, Roma 2017, and, Oracoli. Tra algoretica e algocrazia, Luca Sossela Editore, Roma 2018.

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