20-22 May 2024

Yolanda F. Johnson

Founder, Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy (WOC)

President and CEO, YFJ Consulting, LLC

Founder, Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy (WOC)

Founder, Allies in Action Membership Network

Yolanda F. Johnson is a sought-after philanthropy, fundraising, and DEI expert. A trailblazing figure on the national landscape, she has developed strategies to raise more than $1billion for nonprofits while also advising philanthropists and grantmakers. With her faith as her guide, she is a champion of equity for women in the sectors of fundraising, philanthropy and DEI. In addition to leading YFJ Consulting, LLC, Yolanda is the Founder of WOC, Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy® and of Allies in Action Membership Network and is a sought-after keynote speaker and presenter at venues around the world. Yolanda has also had an outstanding career as a performing artist and she has used her background as a performer to view fundraising and philanthropy through a creative lens, as noted through her acclaimed workshop, “All the World’s A Stage.” She is a founding member of the Women’s Philanthropy Alliance, an elite group of industry experts and thought leaders on Women’s Philanthropy and the author of several impactful resources on leadership, philanthropy and equality. She serves in many leadership roles, including as an International Advisory Board member of the Foundation for Post Conflict Development, where her focus is on preservation of cultural institutions and resources in post-conflict areas.

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