20-22 May 2024

Helen Roland

Founder- Tech and Inclusion Advocates Ireland

Helen Roland is a Tech-Savvy Chartered Accountant using her financial and IT expertise to solve problems as a global forensic accountant at Accenture. Her financial and accounting experience includes technology, financial services and aviation industries. As well as being a qualified accountant, Helen holds a higher diploma in Computer Science.

She is the co-founder of Tech and Inclusion Advocates Ireland- an Irish not for profit organisation with the goal to increase the inclusion, visibility and representation of people of Black descent across corporate and institutional spaces in Ireland as the use of technology increases across the society.

Before Tech and Inclusion, she founded the Ireland chapter of Black Women in Tech which launched in Dublin September 2022. She also served as a committee member for the global Black Women in Tech network. Her contributions led to the publication of ‘Voices in the Shadow’, a book celebrating Black female talent in technology across Ireland and UK. Copies of the book were distributed for free to 800 secondary schools across Ireland and UK. The aim of the book is to inspire young women to choose careers in tech.

Helen is committed to being an effective role model, who uses her ambition, voice and presence to increase representation and inspire the next generation while building an inclusive Irish society. Her passion to accelerate equality has led to her delivery of talks on innovation, tech and inclusion. She has participated and moderated panel sessions on diversity, importance of ERGs and Black History Month.

She is on a mission to foster positive change, leave a legacy that breaks barriers and expands capacity for innovation to be inclusive globally. Helen is currently broadening her experience via a geographic relocation in Ottawa, Canada with Accenture where she is providing a channel for the community of Irish in Canada to support building inclusion in Ireland. In her free time, she enjoys meeting people, taking hikes and acting.